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Retired and Ex-Cops are ideally Suited to

Lateral over into either Bounty Hunting or Bail Bond Jobs


“I cashed out my retirements after 13-years with the city, and now I make more in a month posting bail bonds than the check I left my cop job with.”


~ Former Police Officer and Bail Agency Owner

Jobs for ex cops who worked as city police officers, deputy sheriffs, and federal agents where prior law enforcement report gross earnings ranging from a few hundred to over $20,000.00 a month; indeed, one former police officer reported gross monthly income in excess of what he received after cashing out his retirement; how much you earn is wholly contingent on how hard you are willing to work in conjunction with small business talent and a bit of luck.


There is life after law enforcement—there is a new life with unheard of freedom and earning potential and even adventure.


Leave your home office and return with hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash, check or credit card in 90-minutes versus a full month of clocking in and out; stand up in open court and argue against lawyers but not be a lawyer yourself; travel, meet interesting people and arrest them!


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance “Approved” Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting Training School with hundreds of Alumni success stories and a reputation beyond reproach.


Yes.  There are economic opportunities for prior enforcement to live life free from the restraints of retirement, medical release and even termination!








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California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing Classes are also routinely held in the following locations: Sacramento, Roseville, Lathrop, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Vallencia, Santa Ana, Riverside, Inland Empire, and San Diego.

This bounty hunting online store is unlike any other website you may ever come across on the Internet largely because it is not the atypical virtual net that is cast out to randomly gather potential customers; this simple to navigate bail pro store has been carefully constructed to isolate what the professional bail enforcement agent may need in terms of going home safely to get paid safely and even close bail jumper cases from home with advanced bounty hunting bail motion training and educational materials available via this unique website and its various sister websites.


Real Bounty Hunting is the vision of Rex Venator “Rex” who has a 23 year plus history as a bail industry veteran with a combined military and law enforcement and bounty hunting history now exceeding 30 years and with more than 17 of those years spent as a licensed bail bond company owner; moreover, Rex runs the fastest growing, most transparent, and most trusted name in California Bail Education—Bailspeak.


Rex decided to demolish the existing online fugitive recovery equipment store and replace it with a mission specific bail pro store for Bailspeak’s students, Alumni, and California Bail Industry professionals.


You will find what Rex considers controlled and sensitive equipment on this online store such as Kevlar products, Conducted Electrical Weapons known to the public-at-large as “tasers,” stun guns, and most of which are “will-call” only to the extent that Bailspeak’s future alumni, Alumni and law abiding folks can order their equipment no less than ten days in advance of any Bailspeak class and have his or her order ready for pick-up at a class to attend or location where classes are held in-person and often from Rex himself.


Bailspeak’s 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing, Continuing Bail Education Courses, Taser User Certification Classes, and PC 1299 Specific Tactical Medicine Courses have been and will be held in the following locations: Sacramento, Roseville, Modesto, San Jose, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Glendale, Riverside and San Diego.


Like the Bail Industry and Bail Education, available equipment and tactics evolve and so shall this Professional Online Bail Fugitive Recovery Mission Specific Equipment Supply Store.


Please feel free to visit again soon online or in-person at any upcoming Bailspeak Bail Education Event ~ Enjoy, The Bailspeak “Ladies.”

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What Are Real People Putting in Writing about this Bail Education School?

“Knowledgeable instructor.  Lots of hand outs, shared experiences related to the material.”


“Keep doing what you’re doing!  I liked how the material was presented.  Would definitely like to keep in touch with Rex!”


“I liked how interactive the class was.  Great instructor!”


“I liked how the instructor was very explanatory.  He [Rex] is a wonderful instructor and I wouldn’t hesitate to take this course or any other with him again.”


“Very interactive, real life stories.”


“Accurate information followed up by real life scenarios.”


“Very informative.”


“The course was laid out in a way that made it easier to understand.  I would like to take more of his courses.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the material interesting.  Liability, liability, liability!  Very important to know and the instructor did an excellent job relaying it.”


“On the bail exam I know there will be a lot of difficult terminology to understand and the instructor did a great job explaining everything.  I liked the speaker used as many examples as possible to explain every terminology.  The instructor was very clear in every subject and used a lot of examples which helped a lot.”


“It opened up a lot of avenues about bail bonds and other things you can do.”


“There is a wealth of information.  Real life scenarios, motivates me to want to learn more.  I enjoyed the class.  Great information, awesome instructor.”


“Very informative for new bail laws.Very engaging speaker with a lot of knowledge about the bail industry.”


Prior law enforcement training and experience should not in and of itself be the deciding factor on whether or not to hire a bounty hunter, in my personal and professional opinion; however, prior law enforcement background is a major plus in terms of experience for bounty hunting thus creating a paradox for bounty hunting job recruiters.


My positions on this subject arrives from prior military and civilian law enforcement training and experience, nearly a quarter century of real street training bounty hunting people who were/are prior and non-prior law enforcement, interacting with law enforcement personnel while bounty hunting, and, most importantly, working with prior law enforcement personnel in an educational setting since 1997 numbering in the hundreds and hailing from all over the United States—mostly California.


Tracking, locating, apprehending and booking wayward bail bond clients who have jumped bail seems completely consistent with both the duties of a sworn peace officers or federal agents and civilian bounty hunters, yes?  Actually, the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.”


Private citizens who are legally working to apprehend a wanted bail jumper do not enjoy the protections afforded to sworn law enforcement personnel, but private citizens do enjoy protections that sworn law enforcement personnel do not enjoy; moreover, both may lose all protections if working in concert, thus there is another paradox—or is there?


Private citizen bounty hunters and sworn law enforcement personnel who may each be hunting wanted misdemeanor or felony fugitives share the same goal, but the laws that govern how one or the other or both operate are not the same as a whole.


There is no Yin – Yang or Black and White or Positive and Negative in these regards; the laws and published case cites that direct sworn law enforcement personnel and private citizen bounty hunters are often separate and distinct with each having nothing to do with the other.


How does a bail bond or bounty hunter job recruiter determine if a person is good-to-go for bounty hunting jobs or presents as a tremendous liability?


Is there a quiz or test or some other way to gauge one’s acumen to bounty hunting safely and legally?


How does one determine if a bounty hunting school is ready to teach people how to lawfully bounty hunt?


Please feel free to view a simple (at no cost), quiz that has always been on the Bailspeak Mother Website and requires no buttons to push and is just simple text. 


Scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions to find the “Lawful Bounty Hunting Quiz.” 


If a prospective hire cannot answer the Bounty Hunting 101 quiz questions then perhaps the next candidate should be given a shot and so on and so forth.


Hunt Smart and Hunt Safe, Rex.